Heavenly Father………………….7/16/17

Heavenly Father the God of all love. The one that shapes my heart. Praise and Glory are yours. Your presence my comfort. Tonight Thanksgiving for the Woman I have become. My desire to see Christ in me and in my daughter. Your word ever confirming your love. Holy hands have touched my heart. Kneading out the evil that once had my heart in chains. Was living only for myself. Now a giving spirit. Free from fear and hate. Thank you that I am wonderfully made. That you continually shower my heart with joy. Your spirit dwells within my child as well. Praise God. Thank you for my child. A gift that will love me for all time. No longer a baby girl but a Woman of God. I praise and glorify my Savior and King…………Jesus Christ. The pattern we all need to be. By your grace I will continue to bless and minister even to the next generation of my family. You are the eternal God and no other god will have my heart. I pray to walk in the light all my days. To shine forth into the lives that you put in my path. My I continue to glorify you in actions and words. You are my beloved. Hear my praise. You are my all. With out you i can do nothing. In you all things are possible. I will look to you My Abba Father.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              A Child of God


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