God’s love more than a mother’s……………

God’s love for us more than a mother’s for her children. Can you imagine our Father’s love being over and above what we ever felt from out Mother’s. Or far above what we feel for our children. Our children are just borrowed for a short time til they grow and mature in Christ. To know we are loved so deeply. Unconditionally. His presence is just a touch of the fullness of God’s love. His love conforms us and at times brings us to repentance. Our hearts cry out for our Savior. He is patient with us tho we rebel at times. He is bigger than our anger and rage. Always calling us back to love. Cleansing our hearts of hate rid and malice. He changes our hearts to be gentle, kind and understanding. All that He is we become in time. Christ like. A example to the lost. His love flows from us. We are the clay…………….He is the potter. Shaping our lives as we give all out trust to Him. He is worthy of all our praise. His love for us unfathomable. No words can fully explain the Father’s love. For our God is love.



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