Trust built on His faithfulness………….

Confidence and trust must be the center of a relationship with Christ. No worries. He is faithful. His desire is to have a relationship with His children. Be consistent in spending time with your Father. Always casting your cares at His feet. Patient that in His time that all things will be made new. We all like the big blessing but take time to enjoy even the small blessings. He builds trust in giving from His abundance. Have confidence that He will finish what He has started in you. Even when things don’t change by sight know that the Lord is working in the background. After time goes by you will see His faithfulness and you will stand tall among the Saints. Come before Him with Thanksgiving, Praise and Glory to His name. For He loved you before the world was formed. Thought of you and drew you to Him. Our Beloved Creator. The Alpha and the Omega. Our Abba Father. With rejoicing the Angels will welcome you home. Build on the foundation set in your heart by building a relationship with the Son. Jesus Christ. The One True King. Walk in His light. Forever Praised.


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