His little blessings…………………….

Look and see the faithfulness of the Lord. Look not just into the big things He has solved but the little things He does daily. The light that wakes us each morning. Yes waking to a new day……….. a blessing. Walking upstairs to peek in on our children fast asleep. Safe and secure in the home that God has provided for us. The sounds of birds as you drink your morning coffee on the front porch. The smile from the girl at Tim Horton’s as you get you morning doughnuts for the gang. No accidents………..smooth ride into work. His favor follows you all through your day. The boss that offers you a raise. A co-worker that decides to take you up on the offer to go to church. God sprinkles your day with blessings. Showing His faithfulness. His glory is in His love for His children. Praise Him for the little things. He is building that trust in you that God has got you covered. Praise and Glory are His. Look to the Father for all things. No other God walks with thee.


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