Choices we make………………

We all live by the choices we make and at times there is regret. None of us are perfect. This past week I have learned that God will let you step back into the world, but only to bring to light a lesson in your life. He is always with you. He guides and protects those who love Him and follow His Son. We must never forget what we have in our Savior and King. We have His peace and protection as we trust in Him as He has out best interests at heart. He will give you a glimps of who you once were to keep you from slipping. Gentle nudges to walk with Him on the straight and narrow. Look to Him for all things for He is faithful. His compassion knows no bounds. Let not pride come into your heart for you can do nothing without Christ. You are more than just skin and bones………….You are the Temple of the Holy Spirit…………..Your forever friend. The Spirit is there to help you make those choices in life. All for the better. Walk with Him for He is in thee. Be confident in the Lord for He will direct your steps.


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