In Mornings Light………………..

In the stillness of the morning. I wait for you. My eyes open long before mornings light. The birds calling to bring up the Son. The worries that plagued me all through the night. Washed away with your joy that consumes me at the dawn of day. Comfort from the Father. The Holy Spirit rains down upon me. His light and presence fills the room. My Savior, My protector. I will forever praise. You are feared yet faithful. For you forgive and set captives free. Oh my God……… My King……….glory and majesty are yours. Come wake me each morn. Let me be amongst the Angels that sing your praise. With you by my side I can do all things. Let mornings light guide me onto the path of righteousness.  My life but a breath but, you loved me enough to die for me. My soul sings to you. Thanksgiving rises from my lips. You are awesome. You within my heart. I am but who you make me. Giving to me all that is good. My heart is glad for you touched my very soul. Come bring mornings light………………The light of the Son. In your name I pray.


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