Heavenly Father…………………..6-5-17

Heavenly Father the God of Jacob.

Praise and Glory are yours from the Saints and all who believe. Today I walk alone. My sins now accusing. Where has the love gone from my heart? I know but a word from you is truth and all powerful. But I also know there is more for I have walked in the light. Loving all who crossed my path. Filled with the spirit of Joy. Now worry and doubt crosses my mind. A mountain that I must climb. My faith challenged as I no longer feel you. Is this a time of testing????? Do I change my heat to evil?????? Have I run the race in vain????? I plead my case and ask you to examine my hear and remember you made me from dust. Forgive my willful sins and the filth of my mouth. These two things top my mind. Forgive my wondering and draw me close to you once more. I know full well I have looked away from my Savior. Do I get mad because for now you have hidden your face?????? Even now I will praise you. For I trust in your promises. Your very word compels me to speak. Sorrow befalls me and I come to tears. My heart cries out. FORGIVE……..MY SAVIOR………MY KING!!!!!!! Come lift me from the pit.  Let the devil not gloat over me. My heart devoted to you. My soul given to the one true King. I will wait for a word. In hope to feel your presence once again. Love of my life come shine upon me. My hope in your faithfulness. The covenant you made with your children. I kneel before you and pray in your name.
In Jesus Name I pray



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