How to become Holy…………….

How to become HOLY……………What are the steps………….Boy she is so HOLY…………..Give me a break. There is no such thing as earning your HOLINESS. You were made holy when you accepted Christ. Because He who is in the is HOLY. Holiness comes from being faithful to the one who made you HOLY. JESUS CHRIST. Holiness is not about being defined as HOLY. Holiness is given thru the relationship we have in Christ. You can not earn your holiness. Just because you do all things good does not make you HOLY, because if we truly look at ourselves we fail Him daily. Holiness is a righteousness from God. We should not compete or compare ourselves to who is more HOLY. God grants us this HOLINESS as we grow and mature in Him. We are all HOLY because we follow the Son. Yes there is a confidence in us as we grow closer to Christ. But none of us should look at ourselves as more HOLY that another that we fellowship with. Holiness is given to God’s children. No condemnation for those who are in Christ. We are all HOLY and walk in with the purity of heart that Christ makes in us. The light of God. That is our Holiness.


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