Walk in understanding and self control

Young women of God……….Walk in understanding and self control. Understanding of who you are in Christ…………….Understanding of who you represent as you walk in purity and righteousness. Self control over the desires of the flesh. Self control over ones tongue. Even the purest of motives the devil will take and twist. Bringing sin into your life. Love everyone but cling to your brothers and sisters in Christ. Do not be envious of the world. In the end unbelievers and sinners will perish if they are set on rebellion. Does not wisdom call out to all. Christ Himself with arms wide open. Be careful not to fall into the ideas of the world. Stick close to the Lord who gives understanding and sends wisdom. They will keep you from the Fowler’s snare. The lust of the world ever present. Keep your eyes fixed on Christ and live a life of love. Love covers a multitude of sins. Make wisdom your guide. She will keep you from falling for the schemes of the devil and this world. Yes we live in the world but we are looking for a new home. Our home is Heaven. Center life in Christ. Your provider and protector. Forever Praised


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