Heavenly Father………………..5/25/17

Heavenly Father the God of Jacob,

Praise and glory are yours. You love knows no bounds. Tonight a time of decision. Not making ends meet. I know I need to go to work and be finished with the games of my youth. Clean the drama from my life. Every day a little of the world creeps in. Yet you are there waiting for me to come home. To call on your name. Come take charge of my life. Yes my path set before me but what direction. What door should i choose? Are the cards stacked against me? I know that all things are possible in Christ Jesus. Am I the apple of your eye? Am I making a mountain out of a mole hill? Let me hear from you………my refuge and strength. My Savior and King. I call on you to make my path clear. My life but a breath. But I am your child none the less. So now I look to you. But your will in my life only. My Praise I lift up to you on High. Beloved Father. Almighty God.

In Jesus Name


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