Freedom in Christ…………………….

Tonight a revelation of the freedom we have in Christ. Yes we keep ourselves from evil and violence. But being a Christian is not just a set of rules and regulations it is a relationship with Christ himself. The old covenant set down laws to abide by. The new covenant relies on Faith and Love. For love covers over a multitude of sins. The devil will use anything to draw you back into thinking that you have to obey every law in the old testament. My friends that is impossible. Yes we do our best to keep the commandments but at some point you will fail. Praise God for His Son. That brought us forgiveness by the the blood He shed on the cross for us. NO not a license to sin but atonement  for if we sin. I find that a relationship with Christ helps us to keep the filth of the world at bay in our lives. We have been changed and no longer have those fleshy desires. Content to be in the care and love of the Father. Freedom yes but we don’t take that freedom for granted. We protect our spirit with the word of God. Filling our hearts with purity and compassion for one another. We honor the one who sustains us. We live by the Spirit and not the Flesh. Sin has no dominion over us. It has been crushed. We are a new creation. Living in the freedom and grace of the Living God.


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