Christ will lift us up……………..

Tho we fall His grace and mercy are there to pick us back up. Weeping may come for a night but joy will come in the morning. I fall in many ways and come short of His glory. But Praise God that I belong to the King of Kings…………..Jesus Christ. Who stands in the Gap in where I lack. Only made perfect by the blood of Jesus. God knew we could not follow all the laws and decrees set before our forefathers. So, He made the way thru His Son to draw us to Him. The curtain that once separated us from the Father torn in two. Making a way for us to come to the Father ourselves. Jesus our Passover Lamb bridged the gap…………..making Atonement for our sins once and for all. God has given us the power to defeat the devil and his schemes by just our words. The very words He has planted in our hearts. All this because of out acceptance and acknowledgement of His Son. Jesus Christ our Savior. For no one who is in Christ can say Jesus be cursed. But we lift His name on High. The name above all names. Our refuge and our strength. We may fall but His love and faithfulness catches us. Bringing us back to were we belong. Praise God for His love for us.


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