Heavenly Father………………..5/17/17

Heavenly Father the one who sustains me,

All praise and glory are yours. Thank you for all things. Your Holy Spirit within me. Tho I walk thru the storm……………You are with me. Tho darkness presses in…………..You are my light and strength. Forever I will praise.

Tonight I pray for my daughter. The many trials she will face and the many choices she will have to make in this life. Saved at the age of 3………….Baptized at the age of 16. I continue to plead the blood of Jesus over her life. Now 23 and a young woman of God. I pray for mentors to surround her life. Women of God to speak truths into her life. I thank you that you have protected her and given her much wisdom. With many years to go in her life I ask for your Grace and Mercy to follow her all the days of her life. I know that even now you are protecting her and guiding her. I know that she calls upon your name. Jesus Christ her Savior and mine. Help me to be the Godly mother that you intended me to be. May she live the life of love that you intend for all your children to lead. I pray that she will know your love always and chase after your goodness and kindness. Forever singing your praise in Jesus Name



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