Heavenly Father………………5/11/17

Heavenly Father the God of Jacob,

Praise and Glory to the Word made Flesh. Come wash away our sorrow. A time of testing has come. Oh to feel your presence that once surrounded us. And now our very soul cries. The flesh aches. But we know that you watch over us for we have not fallen into the pit. For now day after day without a sound of joy uttered from our lips. The silence deep ins our sorrow. Awh for days gone by when your righteousness shined from with in. Truly we were the apple of your eye. For now we are to stand firm in our faith and knowledge of your love. Test us and search our hearts. No evil will you find. Our hearts made pure through Christ who is in us. Your will our desire. Let this time pass and bring on the Son. Once more our hearts will sing……………..Put songs of praise with in our souls. To know the joy of the Lord all our lives. You are our forever God…………..Today and everyday we seek you. Praise and Glory are yours.

Our Abba Father.



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