We fall but thank God for Grace.

So we fall but grace will lift us up. We call upon His name. Come and rescue us. We no longer feel His spirit. Yet He is always with us. Take out the garbage you have been feeding your spirit. Remember who’s you are. Throwing your pearls to pigs will get you nowhere. Come to your senses and fall into the Fathers arms. He has never left you. Forgiveness is found only in Him. No storm can separate you from the Fathers love. He is calling you to wake up from your slumber. Confess your sin and receive grace. Know the Fathers love. He stands at the door knocking. You make the choice to answer. He brings no fear. Acceptance and love are yours. He knows your heart. Know the depths of His love. Run to the Father. He will lift you up from the pit. Flee from the devil and cling to the Father. Your protector………….Your provider………..Your confidant. Look up to the heavens where your help comes from. The Father is waiting.


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