Heavenly Father 5/1/17

My Abba Father. The God of all compassion and love. Praise and Glory are yours. All your children bow down in prayer. Thank you for the gift of forgiveness. My sins once ever before me now forgiven. The sins of my youth now thrown into the Lake of Fire. Never to be brought back to my mind again. Years have gone by and you my Savior have always been near to my heart. You are within me. Grateful for the life and blood that was given for me. Forever I will come before you and sing praises to my King. My provider and protector………..deliverer. I walk before you blameless because of what your Son has done for me. I honor you Father. Adore and respect the one who created all things. I walk in the freedom of Christ. Living a life of love. No other God holds my heart. My trust only in you. Thank you for each day and the very breath I breath. My flesh dead but alive by the Spirit. Your Holy Spirit joined in me. Praise God.


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