Sin or Salvation……………..

Do we really chase after sin after knowing Christ ? We honor God with our bodies. There is no place for sin. Yes we work out our salvation for a time, but we mature and walk away from that childlike behavior. Grow up people………..Salvation is not a license to sin. Would you really mock God. Forgiven and made right before God. Then go out and return to your life of sin. You were made into a new creation. I am not talking about new Christians the believer who has no roots. But the full branches of the tree. The pillars who have weathered many storms. We all fall but put the deeds of death behind you and move forward. Do not dwell in the pleasantries of sin. Repent and turn form your sin. Casting it into the Lake of Fire. His love is here. His compassion abounds. But do not lie to Him or yourself. He knows your heart. Every thought brought to the obedience of Christ. We are to set a example for the world. We walk in righteousness and purity. Our forgiveness paid for by the Savior. We died to sin. How can we walk in it anymore?????


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