Even now…………….

Even now His eyes are upon you. Child of the Most High God. He knew you before the world began. Held your tiny hand when you were in your mothers womb. He destined you for greatness in His Kingdom. So you don’t think you are worthy…………well child none of us are worthy in ourselves and what we can do. When we accepted Christ He made us worthy. He paid the price and brought redemption for us all who call upon His name. You are royalty. Not the tail but the head of all things. Flawless in God’s eyes. Yes know that you will be in heaven when days are gone. You accepted the free gift of salvation found in only one…………Jesus Christ. Now walk with head held high. In purity of heart…………let your light shine. Praise to the Father for He is marvelous. His arms reaching out to the lost children of the world. You were once among them. Now His grace and favor shower over you. Reach up to the heavens and take your prize. Jesus Christ the Savior and Redeemer. Your Forever Friend.


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