Our Freedom……………..

Learning to walk in the freedom that Christ died to give us. I do not know about you but in the past……..my younger years as a Christian. I used to think I had to do all the laws and teachings that was laid down to me all on my own strength. Which my friends is impossible. Now realizing that Christ came so that we would have freedom from the law. That Christ has done what we could not……….Fulfill the Law. The law is only meant to show us that we cant be perfect and that we are in need of a Savior. Jesus Christ. When we accepted Christ we died to the principles of the World. We surrendered our pride that once held us down that we had control of our lives. But in time we fall to our knees and reach for the hands of our redeemer. His arms open wide. Placing all that we could not do at His feet. Each day after building faith and trust in the Son. Who lifts us up out of life’s pit falls. We were given redemption when we accepted the free gift of Salvation………..Now FREEDOM from our past…………..FREEDOM from wrong choices………….FREEDOM to know unconditional love……………..FREEDOM from the condemnation that the law and the devil once put upon us. He who the Lord makes free is free indeed.


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