Love found in No Other……………….

Thankful for the Love given to me from the Father. Each day we learn of His love for us. Yes we were born with this yearning for acceptance. We seek a love greater than out own. People can fill that need but just for a while. Ultimately we need the Love of the Father. When we realize that we cant do it all, there is a one that calls out to us. The Holy Spirit drawing us ever closer to the Father. He shows us with His love……….A forever friend. We can put our trust in no other. Friends may fail you but God never will. Read His word and know His Son. For those who believe in the Son have the Father as well. Search and study the scriptures and find out what true love is. Precious gems found in His word to unlock doors shut up in your heart. Unconditional love is what you will find. So give up your pride and let Gods light change your heart from the inside out. His heart pure…………..His word truth……………..Seek and you will find acceptance and love in the Father. Only in the King. Jesus Christ.


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