Daughter’s in Christ…………………..

My daughters in Christ a love for you compels me to speak the truth. Your completeness is found in knowing who you are in Christ and His love for you. The closer you are to Christ the less you will be drawn to the lust of the flesh. Seek the love of the Father. You will see your brothers in a different light. Not on the meat market of the world. You will seek the qualities of Christ in the man for you. True men of God. You are precious and not just any man is worthy. God knows your heart and has the man for you. The one to set your heart a flame. God will plant your true love before you. No need to chase after love. Love yourself and the Father and love will find you. Not to be conceited but holy and pure of heart. God has crowned you with humility and gentleness. Let you light shine and be confident in this…………God has that prince charming out there for you. So walk in peace and be patient. Know Gods love first and He will bring you your hearts desires.


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