His search for the Lost………………..

Tonight I have seen of how Gods love continually washes over us. I have been spending time in loving effort to bring a dog out of the scared and depressed life she once led. Most her life in a cage. Not a life for a dog. Feeding and nurturing her with love. Freedom to roam the house. As I show her love and acceptance continually she is readily to come out of the cage and depend on that love. God shines His love for all. His Grace abounding even when we fail. When our dark side rears up He is there. But He does not see our sins but the Blood of Jesus that covers us who are in Christ. He showers us with His love and forgiveness. Continually washing us from our sins and failures. He was the pure sacrifice once and for all for man kinds failure in the Garden. Even now we are flawless before Him. Spending time and honoring God can only bring about more abundance of His love and provision. The peace and unconditional love that we all seek. Even among the storms He is there. Giving comfort and strength to those who were once covered in the darkness.

Have you strayed???? His love will chase you down. He will show you just what unconditional love really is. Just like my dog I give love and correction and even then she still comes to me with love. God is always reaching out His light that pierces the darkness that is present in so many peoples lives. And we Christians are that light in the world today. His very hands and feet. Here to show unconditional love to all around us. Our bodies the temple of the Holy Spirit.  Ambassadors of Christ. That they may know the True God. We plant the seeds to salvation and He makes it grow from the inside out. A forgiving and compassionate God that only wants His children to love and follow His Son. Know the Son and you will have the Father. His grace enough for thee. May you continue to seek His face.


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