Heavenly Father……………………3-30-17

Heavenly Father the God of all comfort and compassion. Praise and Glory are yours. Thank you for the peace that comes from knowing and following your Son Jesus Christ. Thank you for your will in our lives. Your grace and favor that follows us. Thank you that you answer our prayers and live among us. Your Children.

Tonight prayer for the young women in the world. Stuck in relationships of a poor choice. Not knowing their worth. Being abused or used by the men they love. We pray for strength and protection from tempers and the lashing out of men. Open these women’s eyes to see there is something better. They are worthy of love. Give them courage to seek help getting out of the lives they lead. May you open doors for careers. Lead them to churches and organizations that can help them spiritually and mentally. Lead them to your Son to find peace of mind. Comfort from the storms that rage all around them. Let them know there is a way out.

You are the God of all comfort. We speak and intercede for these women that you have put in our hearts. Contend for those who can not contend for themselves. We pray these things in your Sons precious Name. Jesus Christ Amen


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