A Continue on Forgiveness……………………

I am in Awh that the blood of Jesus continually cleanses me from all my sins. That when my Father looks at me……….. He sees the blood of His Son not my sins. Praise God for redemption in the blood. All my sins forgiven on the cross. My punishment paid for over 2000 years on the cross. Now when I ask for forgiveness is not because I have to be forgiven but in honor of the Father that I love. No one wants to sin and you can not know all your sins. Remind yourself over and over that you have already been forgiven. It is a truth and comfort you need to get locked in your mind and heart. Live in the freedom you were given when you accepted Christ. No more grief and excessive sorrow in our hearts when we sin. Grateful for the salvation that we were given even though we were once sinners. No longer regarded as sinners but Saints. Children of the Most High God. Forgiveness not because of what we do but because of His love and the price He paid for us. Amazing love from the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. His reward ……………..Glory and Praise……………Our very hearts sing.


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