Do we really believe that our sins are Forgiven? Do you walk on egg shells trying to stay pure? Everyone has fallen short of the grace of God. Yes Jesus died on the cross to give us this Forgiveness. But know my friends that the devil will put mishaps and destruction in your path right after you sin. He wants you to believe that God is punishing you. God does not punish us in hurtful ways. He draws us to Him and offers Grace. The price was paid over 2000 years ago on the cross for every sin you will ever do. The devil brings hurt and excessive sorrow and also anxiety to you to condemn you. God does not correct us thru guilt and shame. Also those sins from the past He will never bring back up to you. FORGIVEN……….Throw out that baggage. Believe in Jesus Christ and the what He has done for you on the cross.¬† No amount of sin can out weight the Grace of God. You will never fall to far for His hand to come and lift you up. Reach out for the one who knew you before the beginning of all things. No rules No laws Just the finished work of Jesus. His blood that covers our sins. NO MORE EGG SHELLS…………..Just live the life that God has set out before you in Faith. Believe and Receive.


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