Gentle whispers of His love………….

The love of God is with in our hearts. Compelling us to speak of His love. Compassion wells up within us. The Savior gave all for us. Look into your very being and you will see a humble heart and child like faith. Trusting in our Savior. His love for us unfathomable. His word written on our hearts. Our Hands…….His Hands………Our Feet……..His Feet……….Walking the path set before us. His grace there to ever comfort us. Our souls ever comforted by the presence of the Lord. Gentle whispers of His love confirmed. Look to the heavens in Awh. One day we will walk the streets of gold. Heaven our Home. Peace and serenity in the life here after. Praise and Glory are His. Jesus Christ……….Our Redeemer and King. We come before Him with Thanksgiving. Forever we will sing.To the one true King. Worthy are you Lord. For we will ever seek your face.


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