You can’t go to that church……………

Tonight wonder about how one can say………Be careful what church you go to………….Isn’t the church a extension of Christ?  Are we not His hands and feet? Is the anointing just for these Holier than Thou churches? The devil will try to tell you that you can only go to this or that church. That one is better than another. My brothers and sisters the Holy Spirit is in all churches that proclaim the Lords death and resurrection. Yes we all worship in different ways and have different gifts. But who are we to judge one church from another? Do we to hear the word of God spoken and preached from Gods very word. Do pastors not seek the Holy Spirits wisdom for their messages? Even if only two are speaking about Jesus is He not there among them. Find the church that speaks to you. That shows the Love of Christ and that the Holy Spirit confirms in you is your church home. Not all churches are perfect in every area. The point is to go to seek His face. To worship Him and the Father. Big or small their purpose is the same. Don’t let the devil tell you what church is best for you. You read the word……….You know what lines up with the word……………Seek the peace of the Father and pray for direction from the Holy Spirit. Keep going to church where ever that may be. Worship and Fellowship with believers. Lord Jesus Christ be with You.


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