The Wonder of God………………

The wonder of God……………To see His face…………..We know Him from what we see in His Son. The words written in red. But He is so much more…………The Bible describes God as Love. He created all things. Showed His love for us by sending His Son to make away for us to be close to Him. No walls. We can come before God ourselves because of what Jesus did for us. Our God longs to hear from us and wants to take care of us. We are to cast all our cares on Him. Even the littlest things matter. He counts our every tear and hears even out whispered prayers.He is faithful. Always on time. He gave us our very first breath and every one there after. God Almighty that places the Holy Spirit within us. Our counselor……our life long friend. He has given us His word to live by. Grace and Mercy to sustain us. With this and much much more to come. He has also given us a home for when our flesh is spent our spirits will be lifted to Heaven.  The Wonder of God. His love unconditional. Come into His courts with Praise.


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