Law Verses Grace…………..

To which covenant do you follow?  The one that follows the law or the one that GIVES grace? When Christ died on the cross He died that all our sins are forgiven. Plus many other benefits GIVEN to us because of the price He paid. We get GRACE because of what He did. It is a gift and never can we earn it. Under the Law we had to obey………Now there is freedom…………Just by believing in God’s Son Jesus Christ. If it were by works we would have something to brag about. But it is by FAITH in Jesus Christ and the GRACE that God GIVES to all of us. We stand in purity and righteousness. Not by our own doing by GIVEN by the Father. Do you follow the Law with all its rules and regulations? Or do you follow GRACE? For now there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ,……………The written code brought wrath…………Not that the law does not have its purpose……….It is there to show us that we have sin in our lives and that we have a need for a Savior. We live by FAITH in Jesus Christ and are all under GRACE. Gods grace sufficient for us. Our lives GIVEN to the Father and the Son. Grace triumphs over the Law. Our Spirits set free.


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