Heavenly Father……………3/15/2017

Heavenly Father the God of Jacob, Come hear my plea for your mercy. Thrown into the world. A sheep to be slaughtered. All around me is turmoil. My heart with those in need. She lost her job………His heart has been broken……….Christians often goes through many things that the world goes thru for we live in the world but not of it. Let me bring comfort to those you have brought into my life. Prayer that all things will work out for their good. That they not turn to others but to you the Father. Always seeking the arms of the Father. You know we are but flesh. Let your spirit within us whisper encouragement and direction into our lives. For this too shall pass. Help others to see your works in their lives…….a open door to freedom. Thank you that you are always faithful. I pray that their trust always be in you. For what can man do? You are God………Hear my prayer for my brothers and sisters near and far. A hedge of protection over your children. I praise and glory in your love. I ask these things in your precious Sons name. Jesus Christ. Amen







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