Heavenly Father…………3/11/2017

Heavenly Father the God that brings the Spring rains. Shower your love down upon us. You water the earth. Bring your word to life in our hearts. You renew all things in this season. Renew our minds to be like Christ’s. A spring in our step. Our bodies given to Christ. Joy filling our souls. We bloom in the cool of mornings light. Let your light shine upon us. Clothe us with your Spirit. Beauty far better than the flowers of the fields. Your grace follows us as we walk this life you have given to us. Our eyes open to your wonders. Praise and Thanksgiving rise from our lips. Our God has provided all things. Glory and Honor are yours. We call upon your name. Hear the prayers of your servants. Our hearts desire to see your face. We look to the heavens for that is where our help comes from. Open the gates of heaven and shower us with the blessing of peace. Your will for our lives be done.

In Jesus Name


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