Heavenly Father………..3/10/2017

Heavenly Father the God of Jacob. Praise and Glory are yours. My heart in sorrow that at this time I do not hear my Lord. Silence is bearing down on me. No comfort in my soul. A fast to draw you near. Yet you seem so far away. Have I sinned. Have I not trusted in my Savior. I know you are there. Show me the error of my ways. I will cry out for my Lord…… on bended knee. Knowing your promise to never leave or forsake me. I stand on your promises.

Opened eyes to see that for now I feel alone. No man to come and show me love. Where does my comfort come but from you. Strengthen me that i may wait patiently for my beloved. Forgive my wondering heart. No longer will I seek a mans love. Moving on.

I thank you Father for your Son. For the many talents you give to your child. Thank you that you provide for all my needs. Even now I long for more of you.

In Jesus Name



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