God has Given us His Son

So, look on to the Lord as the prince that He is. His love for you unfathomable. His Spirit comforts you. Tho days go by He will never leave or forsake you. You are His beloved. The Apple of His eyes. He comes to counsel you in times of trouble. He will strengthen you in the days of old. Worship Him all you children as He stands along side of you. Your intercessor and defender. He talks to your heart and gives you the words to speak. He is all things to His children. The light that shines within us. Praise the Father, Praise the Son, Praise the Holy Spirit. The Holy Trinity…….The givers of truth……..Now a relationship. We spend time in prayer. His children send out songs of joy. Know He has come in the flesh. Made a way to be close to the Father. Forever to be praised. He is the God that walks along side His people. His presence ever before you. Call upon His name……..Jesus Christ our Savior……..God our Father…….The Holy Spirit our counselor. All Glory onto the Father.


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