The Race is On……………………

The  chase after man…………We are Women of God. God is our Father and protector. He has the right man for each of us. Yes we live in the world but are not of the world. Not living for the lust of the world which brings jealousy and competition. Love brings compassion and acceptance. So know who the one who completes you. Jesus Christ. Joined by the Father for eternity. No one night stand is worth being with a selfish man. But wait for the one who knows you………..your feelings……..your desires………..the essence of your love. Not just any guy is worthy of your passion and compassion. This we save for our prince charming. Our love only for the One. His body belongs to you and yours to him. Take the time to learn to care and enjoy one another. Let your hearts guide you. Be with the man of God that you were meant to be with. A man of God equally yoked. With the center of your love Christ.


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