Selfish Desires……………

How easily we can get caught up in selfish desires!!!!!!!! We want this or that and we dont get it. The devil presents things that seem to be better than life. Our minds and desires turn to that thing and we loose site of Gods plans for us. The grass is not always greener. Yes there are miracles. But relying on someone or having this one thing to make us happy is not God’s way. We must put God first. He is our all. Provider and Counselor as just a start. Cling to the word and look to the Father for all things. Knowing that when things come at you to fast or to easy it may be a trap. Confirm the situation with prayer and receive a revelation before believing it is for you. Always be content in all things. Happy and content for all things given by the Father. Blessed yes……….. but humble before the Father. Putting others before your self. Your needs met great…………now give from your abundance. The Father knows all that you need and will provide in His time. He is always on time. Pray for a giving heart and keep your hands from evil.


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