Young Ladies in Christ……………………

Young ladies in Christ……….In past posts I have talked about guarding your heart. Today about falling for the devils schemes to love the wrong man. Now half the population is male and YES one day you will meet the man of your dreams. But do you think the devil wants you to meet a righteous God fearing man.?????? He will send every character on the earth to tempt you………Some will be questionable and way outta your league. Men with money………..Men of high standing………….Handsome yet part of the lost crowd. Guard your hearts ladies. Know that the grass will be greener on Gods side. His choosing for you.

So you meet a man and he meets all your qualifications……….Great!!!!! But before you commit to a relationship……… and pray for a month………and see if you still look at him with goo-goo eyes. Sometimes our emotions get us in way to deep. The blinders go up and we are focused on just one thing. THIS MAN. In some cases you will find the heat wave passes and they were just a flame for the eyes but not a spark in the heart. Take time to learn who you are and let God bring you your perfect match. No need to chase after the world.

The devil is sending enough mixed signals to your mind. Keep your mind on Christ and seek His face. All things will be given in His time. Keep walking the straight and narrow and love you will find. Know God’s love and you will see and recognize His love in the one for you. No marriage is perfect but being united in Christ is a blessing to the marriage. My love to you who seek the man of your dreams.



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