Sisterhood of Christ……………..

The joy of the Sisterhood of Christ. Like minded and gentle in spirit. Hang on to your Sisters in Christ. They have gone thru the same trials that you face. You will come out in victory. Look to those that God has put in your path. One to be your mentor. Older women search your heart to see if you have this love for the younger generation. Show kindness and patience for those who are struggling in their walks. Hold fast to His truths and be mentors,friends,sisters we are. Lift up the name of Christ and show these young women who they are. Loved by Christ. Not made to be haughty and proud but loving and compassionate. Always laying their troubles down at the Lords feet. We were not meant to go on our own. When Jesus sent His disciples out…….He sent them in pairs. There for each other…….Strength in numbers. Sharing sorrow and joy. We are His ambassadors. Sisters we are.


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