Heavenly Father…….1/25/17

Heavenly Father the God of Jacob,

My words can not give you the honor you deserve. How you show favor to your child. But even more than that. You guide my every step. My thoughts prompted to serve others from but a whisper of the Holy Spirit. Again let my hands be your hands and my feet your feet. Let my very eyes see things the world over looks. Your gift to me………..a heart like Christs. Thankful for the blessing so many over look. You give rest to my weary soul. Silence in the night once filled with voices. Your love knows no bounds. Strength and Power are yours. A consuming fire. I plant the seeds and someone will water them, but you make them grow. Shine your light thru your child. I am your servant. Holy and precious is your faithfulness. Your commands a delight. I will ever praise. May my words be lifted high into the heavens. Hear your child’s praise. Holy Holy Holy

To you be all the Glory,
My Abba Father.


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