A month to celebrate…….

Heavenly Father the God of Jacob……..

My prayers sent up to heaven…..where you are…..I thank you Father for the gift of your Son. Who paid the price for me. Who walks with me and guards my heart. To you Father I give my very soul. Your spirit with in me. Your word within my heart.Your truth brings wisdom.

This month we celebrate the birth of your Son. A baby in a manger to Savior and King. He walks among us. Lived as a man of flesh now a God within us. Singing songs of praise to the Savior of the world. Let the Angels hear and rejoice. His gift to us ……..His very life. The sacrifice of the perfect Lamb. Forever Praised.

This season will pass but knowing the joy of the Lord will continue thru all generations to come. My walk with the Redeemer is He. The Prince of Peace. You came to rescue Me. Thank you for this gift. My Forever Friend. The Holy Trinity…….The Father…….The Son…… and the Holy Spirit. My life, My love, My God. Sending out Praise


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