A confession……..

In my days before knowing Christ I began a relationship with a man that stole my heart. Ever wanting to help him to grow into the man I knew he could be. Now I am apart from my love. Many years in fact. But God has kept me from loving another. I now see that wanting to change him was never gonna happen in my power. I never understood his way of loving me. Now after a life apart I look to the Father to bring my love back to me. My love for Christ has set me free to forgive past hurts. It doesn’t matter Christ forgave me and i can surly forgive my husband. The first time i saw him I knew he was the one. Even today my heart yearns. I have hope to love again. But is it to be with my husband or to leave and find another. Confirmation I seek. Patience I pray for. His will i seek. Thankful for the life He gave to me. My faith and trust in the one true King. Jesus Christ my Savior is He.


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