Heavenly Father…………..1/3/17

Heavenly Father the God of Jacob My Abba Father.

Tonight anxious of the things that will happen tomorrow. Is this a open window or closed door. I have been apart from my husband many years. You have changed my heart and the way I look at things. Always loving people…….looking past ones faults. Yes I have a new life but I know you would not want me alone. Direct my path and your will always be done. How my love shifts, emotions run wild. But my heart forever yours. Keep me from moving ahead of what you want for me. That my words be the words of the Holy Spirit within me. Give me peace for tomorrow will be here soon. Yes it all sounds good but your ways I could never imagine. You know my heart. My love for him let nothing come between this bond this vow. Let your will be done in our lives. I thank you for your faithfulness and care of my family. Your grace and mercy ever before me. Praise God Almighty.

In Jesus Name I pray.

Anita Marie


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