Each year I can look back and see………..

Each year I can look back and see the open doors God has made for me. To see His truth ever before me. Opening and closing of doors. Opportunities and Grace given to His children. The first step to put Him first. Time spent reading His word. Knowing who He is from scripture but even more to know His faithfulness. Building a trust that He is always there. Changing what was meant for evil………to our good. Layers of life experiences …….. baggage carried thru life ………lifted from your shoulders. Learning to let go and let God. Casting your cares upon Him. He was human and God. Knowing all that we could ever go thru. His love unconditional. Know you are His child. His arms open wide. Forgiving Father……. All knowing ………. All loving. Continue in Him and He will give your heart’s desire. Redemption found in no other. Savior and King is He. Come humble yourself before Him.  He alone can save. He has the answers. Walk on this journey called life being embraced by the Father’s Love. Nothing can take you from His hands. Rely and lean on the Rock……. Jesus Christ………. God Almighty  Himself will change your life. His wonders for you unimaginable.


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