Young Women of God……..

Young Women of God. Learn wisdom from His word.  Tonight  reading the wisdom of a mother to her Son. But oh how it applies to us too.

Proverb 31 2-3

Oh my son, O son of my womb, Oh son of my vows. Do not spend your strength on women, your vigor on those who ruin kings.


We are princesses in the kingdom of God. Once we find that man who holds the keys to our hearts , we hold fast to him. Not sharing our love with any other. Our love only to be shared with the one He has called you to be with. Why look at another? Aren’t you most preciouis to the one that adors you? Why give your fruit to another? Does  your love not know how to melt your heart? Have the desires of your heart met by the love of your youth. God has put you together for life. Your strength and beauty are there for only one man. Men and women seek love for other means. Money, Popularity, Greed and Gain. It may be harsh but so true. Don’t chase after love. Love God and put Him first and all these things will be given onto you. He will lead the man of your dreams to you. They will only want love and companionship. Not the love of the world or money to make them happy. The one that is for you will be Christ like.  For the Lord asks nothing of us but to love and follow Him. You don’t support a man. Hold tight to the man that seeks God and you. When God leads you to this man he will have a Christ centered life. He will not be controlled by the lust of the flesh. God’s love pure and trustworthy. Let God know the kind of man you desire. You know that God has never let you down. Pray now for the husband He will send. Talk to Him as if you are His little girl wanting a pony. A princess dreaming of her prince charming.  Know whose you are. That you are worth more than anything a man can promise you. Our treasure is in heaven not given by man. As always guard your heart and lean on your first love………God Himself. Abba Father……My love for you in Christ. Know my thoughts for you.


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