In His love you will find…………

In His love you will find the love of the Father. I have seen His wisdom and grace ever before me. He understands that I am human and He always forgives my mistakes. He is faithful to His word to never leave me or forsake me. My heart touched by the blessings set before me each day. Each day letting me know He is with me. The silence once scared me……..Now a comfort that the enemy can not hurt me. He knows our every thought.  Knows the desires of our hearts. God knows love because He is love. He has planted in our hearts compassion and kindness. He peals away the hardships and greed of the world that once bound us. A new creation being formed. His word planted in our hearts, giving health and strength to the body. Today and every day I will praise. His grace sufficient for me. My Lord and Savior. Jesus Christ Forever Praised.


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