How the Lord shines on thee…………..

How the Lord shines on thee. Does HE not give you your first breath coming into the world? He sets His love before you daily. The smiles of your children. Happy and healthy. Well taken care of. The morning sun lighting your way to work. Wisdom and Knowledge follow your every decision. Favor shown from God the Father. A skip in your step. Health and strength for years to come. Your eyes see beauty. The kind that comes from within. Compassion welling up. The lost will look and see. His light coming from thee. In days of old. His word will proceed. Coming forth to generations. A messenger you will be. He gives extended life. His spirit upholding thee. His love always guiding the way. You have lived life for Him. Now come home. Eternity awaits. His arms open wide. The Savior you will see. A soul set free. You breath your last breath. Enter the gates. Your reward awaits. Goodness and light. Just the beginning so you will see.


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