Our Thanks unto God…….

Our thanks unto God. Days go by and He is continually giving us all we need. He clothes us….He feeds us…..He sends comfort……He gives wisdom. No other God my friends knows a mans thoughts. Seeking Him whole heartedly ….. Not seeking gain……but for love, understanding and forgiveness. He is the God of all power and compassion. Look up to the heavens. Fix your eyes not on earthly things. Where your heart is there you treasure will be also. Be kind heart-ed, endearing, humble , peace loving, and hospitable. Who knows you may be blessing the angels from on high. Keep your eyes fixed on the Good Shepard, for He watches over you. Look to the King. Follow His ways, We may be in the world, but are not of the world. Treasured are His children. Ambassadors of Christ. Not perfect……but being perfected daily. Purity and righteousness a necklace around our necks. Favored yes……but servants to all. Shinning in the world, guiding others thru Christ’s love and our very actions. We are already all He intended us to be. For we are created in His image. Sons and Daughters of the Most High God. Family of the Brotherhood of  Christ. Our Lord Jesus Christ known and feared by all. We are given to be the body of Christ. His name forever praised.


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