Heavenly Father….12/26/16

Heavenly Father the God of Jacob……..and Our Lord Jesus Christ

I am another year older and I need to thank you for my health and well being. That you continue to help me live the life of faith. With the beginning of a new year, I look forward to special days of teaching and preaching the very words you have given me. Showing the love of Christ to all who come into my path. I give thanks for the gifts you have given to me. My heart and body a temple to the Lord Jesus Christ. I thank you for the freedom that can only be found in Christ. To be who I am and know that I am loved and accepted. Thank you for the mind of Christ, like minded with the brothers and sisters all around the world that  live by faith in you. Thank you for peace amongst the storms of life. You are my provider, protector, and redeemer. No other God can fulfill what was lost over the years. Thankful that you watch over my family and give to each of us as you see fit. Thank you for who you are. Father. Know my deepest desire. Help me to chase after you and the peace that is better than fine gold. My Savior and King. As always let my hands be your hands and my feet be your feet. Holding on to my first love. You have carried me thru this life and will see me to a new beginning in Heaven. My home for eternity.

My very heart yours.

Anita Marie




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