His call to His children……….

Today I walk before you blameless. Not because of what I have done but
because of the price you paid for me. Always thankful for your mercy
and grace. The blood that was shed to cover my sin. What a price to pay.
You open the eyes of the blind. Come follow me you call. Walking in
purity and love.. You will be my child and I will be your God. My
Holy Spirit within your heart. Know I am with you always. Seek wisdom
as for fine gold. She will keep you in perfect peace. Let go and let
me make your paths straight. The road and the gate are narrow that
come to righteousness. But my hands will carry you. Know my word…..
a double edge sword cutting thru even bone and marrow. A weapon
against the evil one. Put me first in all you do. My anger lasts but
a day but my favor a lifetime. Watch you life change as you draw close
to me. You are the apple of my eyes. No one can take you from my hands.
Call upon me and I will give you your hearts desires. tho troubles may
come I am with you always. Know my love for you unconditional. I gave
my life for you. Won’t you come and sit at my table. My hands are out
stretched. Come and see that God is good. My Mercy and Grace overflows.
Today you will see my Glory.


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