First Christmas without Mom

The coming on of a year that my mother has been gone. Memories come to mind. Her loving smile and gentle
grace. Now having to be strong. To see the tears in my daughters eyes. So hard to face this time of
year. I know we all share her spirit within our hearts. Her love knew no bounds. A love for her children.
Her grandchildren a joy. Looking back now……what a treasure to hold on to. To have even a dream that
she was here. Heartbreak as morning dawns and she is gone. No words can explain the thankfulness for her
teachings and values. A mothers love touches all who called her MOM. A fire has gone out but, a spark
still remains in out hearts. Fanned n
by a song of remembrance. A sweet smell of her perfume. Subtle hints
that she is still with us. Praise Our God that one day we will all be together. No more sorrow…..No
more pain. Just in heaven with a eternity of joy ahead of us. Hoe I long for that day to be in the
presence of the King. To Glory together with my family long gone but not forgotten.
Merry Christmas Mom
Missing you more.

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