We give Praise…………..

Heavenly Father the God who created all things and lives amongst us. Thank you for your Son Jesus Christ…….. Our Redeemer………Our Savior……….Our Deliverer………Our very life. Thank you and Praise you for the Grace given us in these last days. Miracles and Wonders among your children. Thank you for your Holy Spirit that lives with in all of us. Thank you for provision and direction in the ways we should go. Always following Christ. Our Passover Lamb.

Tonight Praise and Resolutions brought about by our continued faith and trust in you God Almighty. Who works all things out for our good. Solutions brought about not by our strength and wisdom, but by the grace and favor from above. Our conscience confirming in our spirit that we are your children. We send up praise for who you are and for all have done in our lives. Helping us to shine for the kingdom and for your Son. Forever Praised…..

Now and forever more we turn to you. Looking up to the heavens, seeking your face. Today another day to love and be loved by our God. The Alpha and Omega. Our Father and our Lord watching over us as we sing and lift up our hands. Just to touch the heart of God.Surrendering………. Repenting………..Honoring……….and Proclaiming our faithfulness to you. Our Heavenly Father and King.




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